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What to do if your motorbike is stolen

Motorcycle thefts in the capital are an increasing problem. Bikes are usually smashed up in the process or dumped somewhere, leaving you with a bill for repairs and the pain of getting your bike recovered. Well, LBT Motorcycle Recovery can help you recover it, but what should you do when you realise your bike has been stolen?

Firstly – Have a scan about the place

In our experience, many time, bikes are stolen by thieves, (usually kids), who don’t know what they are doing and just drag the bike away and give up – they don’t get very far, so check out all of the side streets before assuming it is lost. If you do find it and it has been damaged, call LBT Motorcycle Recovery straight away on 020 7228 0800. In our experience, if it’s been stolen once, it could go again. Don’t leave it to chance. If the thief has put their own chain on the bike, we can come and remove it for you if you prove the bike is yours.

Stolen motorcycle | LBT Motorcycle Recovery London

Then collect evidence

Did your anyone nearby say a neighbour see anything? If there is a shop close by, do they have CCTV footage perhaps? Get together things like photos of your bike, registration and insurance documents.

Then notify The Internet

It is a idea to keep an eye on EBay, Gumtree and Shpock and set up alerts for your bikes make and model being sold in the area and monitor them closely. It is also worth posting a picture of your stolen bike on your Facebook page and any motorbike lost and found sites, to make your your bike is too hot to handle. The motorcycle world is such a tight-knit community that people will always look out for other riders bikes and they can be found this way.

Once you’ve done all that, call the police

Call 111 and file a report and have all your bike documents ready. If you’re bike ends up in the police pound, please call us when you have the bike outside the pound and LBT Motorcycle Recovery will come and collect it for you and return it home or to a garage of your choice. Call us on 020 7228 0800

Stolen scooter | LBT Motorcycle Recovery London

Finally, call your insurance company

Don’t do this until you have called the police and got a crime number, (it will save you time)

Hopefully this wont happen to you, but check out our top tips to help prevent your bike from being stolen here