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Terms and Conditions

Standard recovery

Jobs of 4 miles or more between pick up and drop off, will require advance payment. If a job is cancelled within 24 hours of booking, then a 50% charge will be levied on payment card. Jobs cancelled on the day of booking or on arrival will be charged at 100% of agreed price. Should you wish to cancel the recovery before 24 hours of the allocated recovery time, the remaining balance will be refunded to you minus any charges incurred such as congestion charges / fuel / labour. 


Jobs will not be confirmed until payment is received, therefore an agreed date or time of pick up / delivery is not confirmed either. Whilst every effort is made to keep to pre-booked delivery times, LBT Motorcycle Recovery cannot be held responsible for late collections or deliveries due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control such as road works, traffic delays or accidents, protest marches, road closures, breakdowns or bad weather.

Police pound collections

All police pound recoveries will have to be paid in full before the vehicle is released from the pound. The bike has to be physically outside of the pound before we can collect it and the customer MUST be present. If you have booked a collection time and are not present at said time, we will allow 20 mins grace before an hourly rate of £50 will be chargeable.

Payment/ cancellation and refunds 

Payment must be made either by BACS or credit/debit card over the phone prior to recovery. 

Customer vehicle liability

We are only responsible for your vehicle while it is locked and loaded into our recovery vehicle and in transit. Under no circumstances are we liable for it, prior to being loaded, secured, locked on board and in transit. 

Whilst every effort is made to ensure a correct inventory of any prior damage to your motorcycle at time of pick up, any damage not identified on our check sheet, signed by you or not signed, (due to current Covid distancing measures), on delivery will not be accepted by us. Any additional damage would need to be seen by us prior to any repairs taking place and agreed in advance.

LBT Motorcycle Recovery will not be held liable for any further damaged caused when loading/unloading damaged or immobilised vehicle.  This also includes steps taken to secure the vehicle for recovery such as winching or unconventional recovery circumstances i.e recovery from rivers etc

Passenger Safety

You are responsible for your own and passenger safety during pick up or delivery of your motorcycle at all times during a recovery or when in our vehicles. We accept no responsibility for you if you are a passenger in our vehicle en route to your designated drop off point.

By accepting a quote given to you by one of our representatives verbally over the phone, in person or by email, then you confirm that you have fully accepted our terms and conditions.