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London E-Bike Revolution

LBT will recover not just your e-scooter or e-motorbike, we also recover your e-pedal bikes. Sales of electric bicycles and scooters in London are going through the roof especially in light of the expanding ULEZ and LTNs in the capital.

Electric motorbikes are a rapidly advancing technology that is becoming more accessible. Improvements in battery technology mean higher speed electric motorcycles with an increased range are more desirable. They are perfect for city commutes on national speed A roads.

E-pedal bikes too are now being designed by some of the world’s finest motorcycle manufacturers. Ducati launched a range in 2009, if you have a spare £7,000!

Like car makers, motorcycle manufacturers know time is running out for the internal combustion engine and are launching innovations all the time to appeal to customers. For the consumer the convenience of being able to charge electric scooters at home, may soon outweigh the pain of changing from petrol to electricity in the future.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on what’s coming up!